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Are you settling for less in your relationship?

Maybe you & your partner have the Facebook relationship status, the diamond ring, are living together, share children,
and are saying the words “I love you”… (
all the sure-fire signs that would indicate you’renot single…’)

And yet, maybe you’ve come to realize that being ‘not single’ isn’t enough to keep you from feeling LONELY.

Single-spousing is all about feeling alone in your romantic relationship,
even DESPITE having the Facebook relationship status, the ring, the home,
the children, and the “L” word.

These things are merely symbols that can indicate a loving union between two people, but they are certainly NOT what make up a truly meaningful and quality relationship.

We deserve to be and feel more than just “not single” when it comes to our relationship connections. We deserve thoughtful conversations with our significant other, a mutual presence of heart and mind, and a mutual willingness to set aside consistent & intentional quality time with one another at every chance (even despite the most stubborn obstacles).

If we can’t enjoy the benefits of being “not single” then what are we even doing? A healthy relationship cannot grow or survive in name alone; it must be actively nurtured, explored, thrilled, & valued.

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who’s helped batches of different couples who have various relationship styles, been together for vastly different lengths of time, and who have experienced a wide range of unique struggles (*and as someone who’s been with the same partner for many years), nothing bugs me more than couples believing that their relationship “just is what it is” and that “falling out of love is just a part of life.”

I’ve witnessed couples strengthen the connection and satisfaction in their
relationship in ways they didn’t think were possible either and even to the point that they’d end up telling me how grateful they were that they MADE the time to work toward something better together… and I’m fortunate to say that putting in the work has had similar results for my own relationship too.

So where do you think those thoughts about your relationship have come from? Parents? Society’s abundance of “ball & chain” marital jokes? Maybe even from your partner?

Regardless, I am lovingly urging you today to rethink this and to start letting yourself
believe that more, better, happier is not only possible, but it’s been done! And if others can do it despite their numerous and challenging struggles together, why can’t you?

How can we work together?

I offer telehealth Therapy and Coaching sessions to adult individuals and romantic couples who are on a mission to
strengthen their relationship connections—
and the cost of your initial session is on me!

Individual Therapy
& Coaching

These sessions provide:

⬩ A time and safe space to escape the pressures of reality and your relationship entanglements while learning healthier ways to face and manage it all

⬩ A chance to slow down, catch your breath, and get reacquainted with YOU (absent of all the clutter and confusion of daily life)

⬩ Tools to help you get clear on your deepest wants and needs, establish achievable goals, and create the fulfilling life and relationships you’ve been longing for

Couples Therapy
& Coaching

These sessions provide:

⬩ A safe space for you and your partner to explore what’s no longer working in your relationship

⬩ Strategies for establishing new, honest, clear, achievable goals around what each of you wants and needs from the relationship going forward

Guidance for writing a healing and more fulfilling next chapter of your love story

"You let me be myself, you shared in my pain, you laughed at my humor, but most of all, you saw me as a real person."

You have earned my respect and admiration, you helped me bring a better part of me into this new life I’m about to start. Thank you once again for all your help all your kindness and all your caring and professionalism. Very few people these days impress me but you have.

– Coaching Client, Newly Remarried

"Working with you has been life-changing!"

– Coaching Client, Married 25 Years

"You have helped shift my perspectives, helped me create boundaries, taught me how to love myself as I am, guided me during one of the roughest periods of my life, and helped me find my healthy adult self."

You’re the best at what you do and I am sure you hear that all the time, you are touching the lives of many everyday and not just mine. You have made such a tremendous impact on my life and I WOULD NOT be where I am today if it were not for your unconditional support and care. For all of this I cannot thank you enough!

– Therapy Client, 3-Year Relationship

The hustle, bustle, and obstacles of daily life (especially these days) have made it so that our world is not so relationship-friendly. My many years in private practice helping clients work through the relationship-repercussions of it all has now made it the main focus of my efforts.

I’ve come to realize that lack of quality time spent engaging in their relationships continues to be at the heart of so much of the pain and suffering my clients/couples bring to me session after session and that things simply cannot continue to go on this way.

If we want more satisfying HEALTHY relationships we can’t just settle for passing time together. We have to make efforts to create space for QUALITY time together.

Quality time requires intention, planning, and meaning — it’s having deeper discussions with your partner about more than what you should add to this week’s grocery list. It’s more than spending the last few minutes before bed discussing who will walk the dog in the morning or take care of the school drop-off/pick-up. And it’s so much more than those ‘go-through-the-motion’ kisses hello and goodbye that you’ve been giving each other for the last however many years.

Quality time is taking a long drive with your partner somewhere you’ve never been (or haven’t been in a while). It’s taking a walk and holding hands, being in the moment discussing the silly, curious, pretty things you’ll see along your path. It’s pulling out the old photo album from the attic and reminiscing on moments and experiences you’ve had together.

Quality time in your relationship is about feeling and dreaming together again.
It’s about repairing hurts, having fun, learning (daily) how to take better care of one another,
growing together, and just putting love into action.

My deepest mission is to eliminate feelings/lifestyles of “single-spousing” by helping my clients stop feeling alone in their relationship, to start spending more QUALITY time with their partner, and to start enjoying the QUALITY love, support, teamwork, fun, comfort, & excitement they deserve in their relationships again.

This work is my GIFT, my JOY, and my PASSION that I can’t wait to share with you.

I’m ready when you are.