As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Relationship Coach for adult individuals & romantic couples…

I help those who are married or in a committed relationship to stop feeling alone in their relationship, to start spending more QUALITY time with their partner, and to start feeling QUALITY love, support, teamwork, fun, comfort, excitement, etc. with their partner again. I don’t want anyone “single-spousing” and feeling like their relationship “just is what it is.”

I love helping my clients realize how common it is for feelings of loneliness and disconnect to surface in our relationships and that there is available support, tools, and strategies for how to REPAIR and HEAL. This work has allowed me a front-row seat to my clients’ restored belief that happier & healthier relationships are still possible to achieve even despite the toughest obstacles in their way… basically, I get to witness my clients’ relationship-mindsets come back from the dead!

I especially know how big of a deal my clients’ results are because I’m a recovering single-spouser myself! My husband and I have been together for many years and despite the countless obstacles life has continued to throw our way throughout these years, we’ve learned to just as relentlessly duck, dodge, jump, twist, swerve, and push through them to quickly find our way back to each other. The clock, the calendar, our planners, our communication skills, and our love have become KEY players in my husband’s and my ability to keep our fun/loving/supportive connection intact (and to successfully adjust it accordingly when necessary).

My marriage is living proof that when there is a will there can always be a way and I’m here to pass along every game-changing tip and trick I’ve picked up along our crazy path! (*Check out more of our story below!)

My Single-Spousing Story

This was me and my husband on our wedding day…

Hardly able to contain the happiness and excitement we felt as we exchanged our very first glances as husband and wife; fully aware of the many challenges and hard work it took to get us to this point and just so overwhelmed with gratefulness that we finally made it.

Our many years of dating certainly weren’t this pretty & a big reason for this was that we never quite got our timing right. We stayed together through the hectic times of college; the constant tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities relentlessly wedging their way in between us.

Even after college we had to divide and conquer when it came to starting our careers and managing our responsibilities. Most times, it felt like we were holding our relationship together with late-night groggy phone calls and 5-minute hugs and kisses before/after work day after day.

It was hard, it was painful, and it got realllly lonely at times.

But all of these challenges and obstacles ended up teaching me and my husband something more valuable than anything else— it taught us how to miss each other. And I mean really MISS each other.

And so we got determined and we got CREATIVE.

We took our time-restrictions and obstacles and made them work FOR us rather than against us.

We reworked our schedules time and time again to make space for each other and to loosen up our dependency on late-night texts and calls for connection.

Basically, rather than working our relationship around things we started working things around our relationship…

I know this is what got us to THIS point on our happy excited wedding day in full on celebration of knowing we’ll never again have to miss each other …at least not the way we used to.

I know the same is possible for ANY relationship out there; for anyone who’s terribly missing that quality time with the one they love.

This picture of my husband and me is PROOF that there is still time for love and that we just have to FIND it.

If you’re struggling on your way to believing it’s possible to find more space in your days to enjoy your relationship, please keep an open heart & mind and allow me to guide you there